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SA Spurs: 3 Past signings that show anything is possible

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San Antonio Spurs signing 3: Dominique Wilkins

It's a little-known fact that the number 21 for the San Antonio Spurs has been worn by two Hall of Famers. Before Tim, there was another great one in San Antonio sporting that now-iconic number.

Former Atlanta Hawk, Georgia native, The Human Highlight Film, Slam Dunk King of the ’80s, Dominique Wilkins. Even in the near twilight of his career, Wilkins still put up solid numbers and contributed to a much greater extent than anyone anticipated.

This free-agent grab for the Spurs was much more than a Hall of Fame Legend making a pit stop in San Antonio who happened to still be able to produce. What Wilkins and the Spurs unknowingly did at the time was give a subtle hint of what that number was destined for.

Tim Duncan was drafted following Dominique's only season with the Spurs, and the rest is history. Call it fate, call it yet another coincidence if you want, but don’t deny the poetry of this one.  

These three free-agent signings came through for San Antonio in possibly more ways than one. They are not the best, nor the worst, just somewhere in between. And that is exactly where the strangeness hides.

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Is this a wild take? Sure, it is. Is it a little crazy? Yes, I would say so.  Way too farfetched? Some may say so.

But is anything possible? Absolutely. 

After all, it is free agency.