SA Spurs: 3 Past signings that show anything is possible

Kyle Forson
Vinny Del Negro
Vinny Del Negro / Focus On Sport/Getty Images
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San Antonio Spurs
Vinny Del Negro / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

San Antonio Spurs signing 2: Vinny Del Negro

Mid-90s San Antonio Spurs teams were loaded, and that included key role players like this fan favorite, number 15 Vinny Del Negro. In July 1992, the Spurs signed Del Negro in free agency and he stayed with the team until 1998.

These Spurs teams were on the cusp of greatness and enjoyed notable playoff success, much of which Vinny can be credited. I asked my aunt, a diehard Spurs fan and season ticket holder at the Dome back then, who her favorite Spurs player was, and she said it was Del Negro. I asked why, and she responded, “Everybody loves Vinny.”

This guy was almost as big of a fan favorite as another Spur that came much later who also wore number 15 and was a key role player on great Spurs teams who could drain threes just like Vinny. That player: The Red Mamba himself, is Matt Boner.

Vinny Del Negro and Matt Bonner had the same type of game, were both huge fan favorites, and wore the same jersey number almost 15 years separated. Could it be that Del Negro gave us a glimpse at what was in store for the future?

Did he set the stage for Mamba and nobody realized it? Was the free agency signing of Vinny a sign from the hoops Gods that would indicate a two-for-one, in a sense? Now that's some food for thought.