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SA Spurs: 3 Past signings that show anything is possible

Kyle Forson
Vinny Del Negro
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The San Antonio Spurs are the model organization in sports. They draft well, develop players, and build from within. They keep it in the family, so to speak. The Spurs like the group they have most of the time and plan from within to capitalize on free agency signings, which keeps them in contention for championships by additions to their core.

The most recent memory of Spurs free agency success treated San Antonio as well as can be treated without bringing home a Larry O'Brien trophy. Free agency is a risk, sure, but history shows that the Spurs go boom rather than bust in the free agent world of the NBA.

LaMarcus Aldridge joined the long list of Spurs free agent booms most recently, which includes names like Bruce Bowen, Robert Horry, Patty Mills, Michael Finley, Avery Johnson, and my personal favorite: Danny Green.

Last year, Air Alamo broke down the top five free agent signings ever for the Silver and Black, and throughout this wild, crazy, and often unbelievable offseason, continue to produce in-depth free agency analysis as we wait and see who he Spurs pick up. Will it be John Collins from Atlanta or star Australian Ben Simmons?

Will San Antonio get a role player or two? An aging veteran? Or nothing at all? To what degree would a specific free agent shape the trajectory of the future for San Antonio? What player fits best within the Spurs culture? Free agency questions and concerns loom like a dark storm cloud over the Alamo City.  

Perhaps some additional insight, answers even, are hiding in plain view, camouflaged details in Spurs free agency lore? Could it be possible that hidden clues about what or who comes next for the Spurs exist right here, right now, in our community and on the court? These three forgotten free agent signings for the Silver and Black suggest this may very well be the case.