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San Antonio Spurs: 3 NBA Draft prospects that Pop would love

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Pop and the San Antonio Spurs will value Franz Wagner's IQ

If there's anything that fans already know about the Spurs and Coach Pop, it's that they value smart players that make good decisions during games. This was a tremendous part of the success behind the Spurs' 2014 championship-winning team. Every player knew how to get the best out of one another, when to be selfish with the ball, when to defer to a teammate, and generally how to play smart basketball.

If the Spurs so desired, adding Franz Wagner to the team could make for a quick way to return to that style of basketball on both ends of the floor. For a more detailed look into his game, my colleague Damien Bartonek recently released an in-depth analysis of his own on Wagner. Essentially, he served as a point-wing for Michigan and is a fantastic passer and defender.

While Coach Pop has made it a point to develop Dejounte Murray into a true facilitating point guard, the Spurs can always use more court vision, and Wagner will be able to provide plenty of that, as he averaged three assists per game in his sophomore season. Like Garuba, Wagner is also a versatile defender that is familiar with drop coverage in the pick-and-roll, can defend several positions on the perimeter, and can even be a serviceable rim protector.

While he may not have the highest ceiling of all players in his draft class, I can envision Coach Pop having a lot of fun with testing him in different lineups and throwing him at troubling matchups. Wagner has a great feel for the game and he can certainly be a player that elevates his teammates: something that Pop would surely value incredibly highly.