Spurs: The 3 Most Impactful Trade Deadline Deals in History

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If history is any indication, the San Antonio Spurs will have another quiet NBA trade deadline despite all the rumors. With that said, they've already made a rare January deal and are in a position they haven't often been in for over 20 years.

Last month's trade of Bryn Forbes broke the Spurs' usual aversion to in-season trades and they've uncharacteristically been the center of several NBA trade rumors leading to the deadline on February 10th.

While they've never set the world on fire with a blockbuster arrangement happening near the deadline, even San Antonio has made moves that ended up making a pretty big impact on the franchise, even helping a title run in one case.

From least to most impactful, here are three deadline deals the Spurs made as we approach another one.

San Antonio Spurs
San Antonio Spurs Austin Daye / Chris Covatta/GettyImages

3. Spurs Acquire Austin Daye from Raptors for Nando De Colo (2013)

It's pretty telling that this minor of a deal makes it to the top three of most impactful deadline Spurs trades ever. That just goes to show you how little the team has relied on making a last-minute deal to further their short or long-term chances.

On February 20, 2014, San Antonio parted ways with their much less-established French guard, Nando De Colo, in favor of a deceptively long forward, Austin Daye. De Colo had largely fallen out of the rotation for the 2013-14 season, only appearing in six of 19 games and scoring 16 total points before being dealt to Toronto.

In reality, the move didn't really move the needle much either way, but Daye did have a couple of 22-point games in the regular season to serve as his highlights in the Alamo City. He also made my list of the most surprising performances by a role player in San Antonio Spurs history. Hey, it's something.