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Spurs: 3 Jock Landale quotes that should have fans fired up

Jock Landale
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"I can shoot the piss out of [the ball]."

The most intriguing part of Landale's game is definitely his outside shooting given his size. While 3-point shooting bigs have become commonplace in the NBA, San Antonio has remained behind the curve in that regard. In 2022, Landale will be one of two Spurs 6-10 or taller capable of knocking down threes.

While Landale and Zach Collins will have to prove it on the court in San Antonio, they've both shown pretty strokes from the outside in the past. Jock's outside shooting overseas is particularly encouraging when looking at his statistics.

2018-19 EuroCup
8-of-21, 38%
2019 FIBA World Cup
7-of-15, 46.7%
2019-20 EuroLeague
19-of-63, 30.2%
2021 NBL Australia
58-of-149, 38.9%

That last line says a lot. 58-of-149 is NBA-level volume and high efficiency. Seven Spurs shot 149 or more threes in 2020-21 and the highest percentage any of them shot was Rudy Gay at 38.1. If Jock is as aggressive on the court as he is in interviews, he should be an excellent floor-spacer and energy guy if utilized correctly.

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I have a feeling Jock Landale will be a beloved name in San Antonio before very long. He just needs to earn the minutes to prove himself once again.