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Spurs: 3 Jock Landale quotes that should have fans fired up

Jock Landale
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"There's a filthy taste in my mouth. I'm pissed off."

When addressing the struggle to escape his contract and get to the NBA, Landale didn't hold back. His response shows someone eager to prove they've been wrongly held back in the past and are ready to make up for lost time.

At 6-11 and 256 pounds, Landale has everything needed to be an enforcer and emotional leader in San Antonio. You'll probably see some barking from him on the court as well, which would be a welcome sight.

"I'm not as athletic as some, but I sure as hell can out-think a lot of them."

Coming out of Saint Mary's, one of the biggest knocks on Landale was that he wasn't athletic enough to make the cut at the next level. While he might have agreed at the time, he says that has changed.

"I can run a lot faster than guys up and down the court," said Landale. "I can keep people in front and out-think a lot of those guys."

While Landale certainly has the size to protect the rim, he admits that's not his strong suit, which is something that may end up needing some attention down the road. Still, given the history of high basketball intelligence from the Spurs' international guys, there's a lot to look forward to about what Landale offers.

Above these quotes, there's something else Landale said in the interview I find the best of them all.