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San Antonio Spurs: 3 Free agents to have on early radar

Deandre Ayton
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TJ Warren, Unrestricted Free Agent

Things are more simple with T.J. Warren. As an unrestricted free agent, he can go wherever he wants. Usually, players follow the money, and the Spurs have a lot of it. TJ Warren makes slightly less than $12 million a year and is probably looking for a raise.

He can score an efficient 17 points each night and play some awesome defense. Adding him to a frontcourt with Keldon Johnson and Poeltl or Ayton would extend the Spurs’ shooting and also improve an already very good defense. 

The Spurs are looking to get back to the playoffs eventually, and while Warren has little experience in the postseason, he’s shown he can do a lot of damage. He is also a veteran under the age of 30 and can still play solid basketball. This season, all of the Spurs’ “vets” seem to be a hindrance rather than an advantage. Warren won’t come cheap, but he allows the Spurs the flexibility to pay another guy, like Bol Bol or Hamidou Diallo, who would come cheap and might be a pleasant surprise. 

The addition of Warren would move McDermott to the bench, as T.J. would be taking his spot. This wouldn’t be a bad thing. Warren brings a more complete and overall better game to San Antonio and allows the Spurs’ bench to be deadly from deep if Lonnie Walker, Devin Vassell, Dougie, and Joshua Primo are all hot. 

The San Antonio Spurs have always played complete team basketball without one single player taking up too much of the spotlight. Adding Warren would get the team another threat who has talent, but is not quite “the guy” and would allow the Spurs to keep having five viable guys on the court who are all comfortable being asked to score.

Still, if the Spurs really wanted to really splurge, they could find themselves looking for a superstar...