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San Antonio Spurs: 3 Free agents to have on early radar

Deandre Ayton
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The San Antonio Spurs are expected to be one of a few teams that can make a big splash in free agency this coming offseason.

While there’s still almost an entire season to play, the early results have given fans little reason to be excited. Depending on who the Spurs retain from their current roster this offseason, they could have between $18-35 million dollars of cap room to play with. With that money, they could sign a great talent or perhaps even a superstar if they can sell it right. 

Heading into the summer, it looks like almost every position will be up for grabs. Dejounte Murray and Jakob Poeltl are both balling out in the starting five, but let’s face it: there are better centers and guards out there.

Knowing this, there is really no limit to who the Spurs should pursue and they should just try to sign the best player available. There are three players who would look especially good in the Silver and Black. 

Deandre Ayton, Restricted Free Agent

Deandre Ayton is apparently on the trading block and the Spurs could viably get him on the roster before March, but if the Spurs were able to sign him after getting Eubanks and Young off the roster, then a healthy big man rotation featuring Ayton, Poeltl, Landale, and Collins would be a nightmare for other teams.

Poeltl would be moved to the bench and Landale would receive fewer minutes than expected going into his sophomore season, but Ayton provides that offensive punch and athleticism that the Spurs are missing down low. Poeltl has been phenomenal, but he is not a core threat night in and night out and I would never call him an elite NBA athlete at his position.

Ayton would be expensive, there’s no doubt about that. Behind Trae Young and Luka Doncic, he is the best player from the 2018 NBA Draft class. Why the Suns haven’t extended his rookie contract is beyond me, but the Spurs could capitalize

Ayton can score at will near the basket, converting around 60% of his shots. He also has a decent mid-range game and can put the ball on the floor. His length, size, and strength allow him to be a threatening presence down low, and the addition of an elite center who can go up for lobs will immediately boost Dejounte Murray’s game, especially in the pick and roll.

Ayton has already cemented himself as one of the league’s best rebounders, so he would improve the Spurs in many different areas. If he opts to stick around with the Suns and compete in their closing window, more power to him. But I would be insulted if I was an integral part of a Finals team and did not have money thrown at me.

Also, there is one looming reason to get out of Pheonix: the inevitable collapse of the company side of things. Things are hot in Arizona right now. Ayton would be more than welcome to come to Texas to cool off.