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Spurs: 3 Fixable mistakes that are sabotaging games

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3. Passing up Open Shots for Awkward Drives

It looks like the same old broken record is still sounding off. Once again, the Spurs are passing up open 3-pointers to take mid-range shots or awkwardly drive into the lane.

Against the Clippers, they shot just 22 times from beyond the arc and made five. Reggie Jackson alone shot 17 and made the same amount. That's just unacceptable on all levels.

San Antonio has done well to improve their outside shooting percentage so far this season, as their 35.8% is the 7th-best in the league. Unfortunately, they're still not letting it fly enough to keep up with the rest of the league. Their 29.1 attempts per game are fewer than any team but the Chicago Bulls.

There are some encouraging signs on the 3-point front, though. Keldon Johnson's recent resurgence from downtown now has him at a more respectable 35.7% and should open up his game more. Still, he's barreling into the lane when no play exists way too often. Derrick's slump also shouldn't be something that lasts forever, and he's been playing better as of late.

The Fix:

I'm not sure how else to put this besides to say for the 1,000th time: the Spurs need to launch more threes. All the cool kids are doing it.

Instead, the Spurs are settling for shots from the floater range and trying to force interior passes that guys like Drew Eubanks can't handle. Or charging into waiting defenders. Or shooting the inefficient mid-range shot.

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Despite Tuesday night's performance, this team has plenty of capable outside shooters -- way more than last season. They need to start acting like it.