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Spurs: 3 Fixable mistakes that are sabotaging games

Bryn Forbes, Tim Hardaway Jr.
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2. Lineups Destined to Fail

This was the 5-man lineup on the floor when the Clippers went on a 14-2 run to close out the third quarter, along with their shooting numbers:

Lonnie Walker (2/10)
Thaddeus Young (5/11)
Bryn Forbes (0/3)
Tre Jones (3/6)
Devin Vassell (1/4)

Keep in mind, this was when this was still anyone's ballgame, as the score was 69 all when Forbes came in for White. That quarter ended in an 83-71 Clippers advantage.

I simply have no idea what could've been going through Coach Popovich's mind to keep that exact lineup out there for nearly five minutes in a crucial stretch of the game. Together, those five finished 10-for-34 for the game, a 29.4% mark. Even the best player of those, Devin Vassell, was clearly having an off night at this point in the game, so this lineup just made no sense in any way.

What compounded this was the fact that Popovich opted to keep this lineup going into the fourth quarter, with the exception of Keldon Johnson coming in for Vassell. Brandon Boston Jr. then immediately got free for a 3-pointer after a defensive miscue by Forbes left him wide-open. It went from a tie game to a 15-point deficit just like that.

The Fix:

First of all, let's never see that lineup shown above again -- that's fix number one. Beyond that, as I said before, either White or Murray need to be on the court pretty much at all times, even if it means sacrificing their time on the court together.

We're also getting to a point where Bryn Forbes is offering virtually nothing on both sides of the ball besides some spot shooting every fourth game. I really hate to pile on this guy cause he loves the city of San Antonio and he tries hard, but his minutes have too often correlated to droughts or scoring runs by the opposition. He needs to be a last resort type of player while Tre Jones and Joshua Primo need promotions.