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San Antonio Spurs: 3 Easy Ways to Solve Shooting Issues

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3. Keldon and Dejounte Just Need to Make Shots

It’s easy to tell players to just make shots, but at the end of the day, that’s all there is to say. Both are having great starts to the year. Dejounte Murray is a defensive stud and Keldon Johnson is averaging 20 points a night, but when two of your three best players are shooting a combined 3/24 from deep there’s still a massive issue.

Bryn Forbes can be cut, and the bench unit can be shuffled to meet the needs of the team, but when two key starters can’t make a basket to save their lives, what do you expect from the rest? Derrick White and McDermott are bailing them out a little with their shooting, but it isn’t nearly enough. Dejounte is a midrange maestro and Keldon is a unit, but one is a point guard. It’s in the name. You need to be able to get points from all over the floor. 

Johnson has been working on his outside shot, but for him, that term means anything beyond eight feet from the hoop. He needs to get his outside shot down so when he isn’t bashing around down low he can be a catch-and-shoot threat on the wing opposite Dougie. 

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I’m sure that as the season gets into full swing, both guys will find their rhythm, but it goes without saying that until their top two players start playing at a high level, the team will be treading water.