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San Antonio Spurs: 3 Easy Ways to Solve Shooting Issues

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2. Give Minutes to Shooters

Adding Doug McDermott to the roster was maybe the most underrated offseason move across the entire NBA. He really just doesn’t miss and adds some desperately needed firepower into the starting lineup. But what about players who don’t get to start? 

Lonnie Walker plays with a ton of confidence. He practically oozes it. Sometimes this is a bad thing when he makes some boneheaded mistakes, but when he’s on, he’s unstoppable. It reminds me of a certain Spurs staff member. He’s averaging 23 minutes a game, which seems adequate, and he takes the most threes on anyone on the team.

He isn’t making them as much as fans would like to see, but it doesn’t stop him from trying, and given that he’s one of only a few Spurs willing to take deep shots, he needs slightly more playing time. After a hot game against the Lakers shooting 5/7 from deep, it looks like Lonnie is ready to take the next step.

Devin Vassell is showing the Spurs why he should be in the regular rotation, and 21 minutes a night is not nearly enough for him. He could be a starter, easily, if he keeps this up. He’s shooting 36% on the fourth-most attempts on the team, and he also provides even more defense and length to a team that has no shortage of that.

Per 36 minutes, he takes around six threes a game, which seems adequate considering he’s usually the second or third option on the floor. If he cracks his way into the number one spot in his lineup then he could easily boost his attempts to eight, and if he keeps making them then he’s clearly the best player on the team come 2023. 

If Bryn Forbes leaves (fingers crossed!) then the second or third-string shooting guard spot opens up. That’s ten minutes a game that has to go to someone else. Enter Joshua Primo. I just want to see what he can do with real NBA minutes because he looks phenomenal in garbage time.

He brings Ja Morant-level excitement and the fans love him, so let him play a dozen minutes a game and see what happens. I promise that he’ll shoot better than the 11% from the arc Bryn Forbes offers. He’d have to miss his next 11 shots for that to happen, and I really don’t see that coming true.

Finally, I’m still anticipating Joe Wieskamp’s debut. He was a sweet-shooter at Iowa, so I’d love to see if that could transition into the NBA. If it doesn’t, send him down to Austin, but if he looks capable let him play with the third unit. Right now, the Spurs need all the help they can get from deep. That’s why they drafted Wieskamp. So let him play.