San Antonio Spurs: 3 NBA Draft Dream Scenarios

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Kai Jones, Kyler Edwards, Mac McClung
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San Antonio Spurs draft scenario 2: Kai Jones & Charles Bassey

For the Spurs' second draft scenario, let's pretend that the Spurs are able to secure another first-round pick from a team drafting in the 20-30 range. For the purpose of this imaginary scenario, let's say that the Spurs have the 12th and 25th overall picks, both being in the first round.

In this case, I could see the Spurs taking a gamble on creating a strong frontcourt. Both players stand at 6'11" with Jones weighing approximately 218 pounds and Bassey at 235 pounds. They are two of the most athletic big men in their entire draft class with tremendous combined upside.

Kai Jones played at the University of Texas alongside Greg Brown, where he showed himself to be perhaps the biggest boom-or-bust player in the entire draft. While his offensive game is very raw at the moment, his speed and athleticism should allow him to come into the league and quickly become a threat in the open court in transition, where he did most of his damage with the Longhorns.

On the other hand, Charles Bassey is two years older than Jones and not quite as athletic, but he was one of the most impactful players in college basketball this past season despite the fact that this was his first year back from a bad leg injury. If you haven't seen my recent analysis of Bassey, just know that he's developed quite well for the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, projects as a rim protector with offensive upside, and to top it off, played high school basketball in San Antonio.