San Antonio Spurs: 3 NBA Draft Dream Scenarios

Scottie Barnes - Colorado v Florida State
Scottie Barnes - Colorado v Florida State / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
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The NBA Draft lottery is now only two weeks away, and the San Antonio Spurs are surely going to want to capitalize in a draft class chock-full of talent. Currently, the Spurs have the best odds of securing the 12th overall pick in the draft with an 85.2% chance. They also have a 1.7% chance, 1.9% chance, 2.1% chance, and 2.3% chance of securing the first, second, third, or fourth overall pick, respectively.

Regardless of where the Spurs will be picking in the first round though, they will almost certainly be able to get a good player that could have a lasting impact on the team. The upcoming draft has already received some comparisons to other stacked draft classes like those in 2003 and 2009, with some analysts going so far as to suggest that rebuilding teams should attempt to acquire another first-round pick.

Regardless of what happens in the lottery on June 22, the Spurs may have a more interesting offseason in terms of the draft than many fans currently expect. In such a stacked draft, it's very plausible that the Spurs make a move on draft night for someone the front office has their eyes on. After all, in case you have forgotten about the George Hill trade (and who the Spurs got in return), it would not be the first time they've done this.

Here, we'll discuss three potential dream scenarios that could play out on draft night on July 29, what players the Spurs could look to target, and what each player could bring to the team as a rookie and beyond.