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San Antonio Spurs: 3 Burning questions of the early season

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2. Who is supposed to shoot the ball?

Apparently, every Spur on the roster would say “anyone but me.” The Spurs took 21 threes and made only a third of them. Dejounte Murray and Devin Vassell were the only Spurs to take more than three attempts from deep, with seven and six, respectively. 

Bryn Forbes, Derrick White, and Doug McDermott took three shots from deep total. McDermott didn’t even try one, and Forbes shot only one, which he missed. Isn’t that why the Spurs signed them? I am not an elite athlete by any means (shocking, I know) but if you gave me 26 minutes in an NBA game as Dougie had, I could probably also score two points, get a loose rebound, make an assist, and luck my way into a steal. I’d also do it for an insultingly low price. 

The Spurs need someone who can not only make shots but has the confidence to take them. Murray and Vassell can’t be the only two guys doing this because NBA defenses usually pay attention and when there’s only one offensive weapon on the floor at any given time, they tend to get wise to that.

If only they drafted two guys who could make those shots, like Josh Primo and Joe Wieskamp. Both rookies are currently up from Austin and on the roster, so why neither saw the court when a sparkplug was desperately needed is beyond me.

Sure, you could argue that the Spurs were in the game the whole way through and didn’t want to throw an inexperienced rookie in to botch the game, but they lost anyway. Hindsight is 20/20, but if you lose the game anyway, you might as well allow young players to shine in the loss.