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SA Spurs: 3 Bold predictions for Jakob Poeltl in 2021-22

Jakob Poeltl
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Prediction 2: Poeltl will lead the league in blocks

Despite averaging just 26.3 minutes per game last season, Poeltl managed to block an impressive 1.8 shots per game, which ranked 5th in the NBA. Additionally, he averaged 2.4 shots per 36 minutes, suggesting that were he to play at least 30 minutes per game next season, he could easily average over two blocks per game. 

That would put him in contention to lead the league in blocks, considering Nerlens Noel ranked 3rd with 2.2 blocks. As for Myles Turner and Rudy Golbert, who ranked first and second in the NBA last season, both averaged a career-high in blocks. However, their season averages were much higher than their career averages, implying that they had outlier seasons. 

Additionally, their career averages are only slightly better than what Poeltl averaged last season in limited minutes. Therefore, I believe that Poeltl has a solid chance to lead the NBA in blocks next season, assuming that they are unable to match last season's success.