SA Spurs: 3 Bench players who could break into a starting role

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San Antonio Spurs breakout candidate 2: Luka Samanic

Shifting gears from performance to necessity, breakout candidate number two is Luka Samanic. While the third-year power forward hasn't exactly played his way into the rotation yet, there are a few indications that the Spurs are looking to finally increase his role this season.

The promotion of Austin Spurs head coach Matt Nielsen to the San Antonio staff is indication number one. Nielsen has worked closely with Samanic often in the G League and could be someone who can better connect with the 21-year-old when he's growing frustrated for one reason or another.

The departure of Rudy Gay is another sign Samanic should be next up at the power forward position, however there's still Thaddeus Young to address. While Young still has plenty to offer a team, an argument could be made that he doesn't fit the current team's timeline.

If Young is moved before the season begins, that would be good news for Samanic, who could finally be ready to be given a real shot in San Antonio.

As a 6-10 big who can shoot and put the ball on the floor, Samanic has a skill set the Spurs are short on, but he needs to show some serious dedication and effort at all times to be trusted with a full-time starting role. Let's hope his offseason body transformation is a sign of things to come.