SA Spurs: 3 Bench players who could break into a starting role

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San Antonio Spurs breakout candidate 1: Lonnie Walker

Throughout his career, Lonnie Walker has started in 50 of 138 total games played, meaning he's started 36% of the time he's hit the floor. Last season's 38 starts means he started more times than he didn't for the first time in his career, and that's likely going to change eventually.

For now, however, it's hard to see Walker getting the starting nod over Derrick White or Keldon Johnson. There are pros and cons to inserting someone like Lonnie into the starting unit. For one, he'd bring added shot creation and spot-up shooting to a team that didn't do very well in either regard last season. But at the same time, a big part of the Spurs' shooting struggles was due to DeRozan not being able to spread the floor as an outside threat.

When looking at Walker's numbers off the bench versus as a starter, his efficiency is more or less the same when you adjust for his minutes played. Here's how he's produced in both cases.

Walker as a starter (50 games): 11.8 pts, 3.0 rebs, 2.0 asts in 27.9 minutes per game
Walker off the bench (88 games) : 5.8 pts, 1.8 rebs, 0.9 asts in 14.0 minutes per game

With his style of play, Walker should do well no matter what role he's given with the team. But if he takes his game to the next level or if there are injury concerns to White or Johnson (or both happen), don't be surprised if Lonnie is out there to start more games this season.