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San Antonio Spurs: 3 Areas Thaddeus Young must focus on this season

Thaddeus Young
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Thaddeus Young / Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Young must be more confident shooting the three

As I mentioned, Young is really good at putting points on the board from the inside. The issue is the Spurs need help on the perimeter. The new signings and draft picks help a lot, but I’m not sure they’ll crack the starting five.

If Young stays on the inside, he and Jakob Poeltl together will jam the lane, preventing White, Walker, and Murray from driving to the rack themselves. On drawn-up plays, Young can position himself in the corner to be a bail-out option in case any of the guards meet some opposition at the rim.

Last season, Young shot only 25 percent from deep on less than one attempt per game. Most years, he doesn’t shoot from outside at a high volume. However, in the four years he’s taken more than two shots from deep a night, he’s shot at least 30 percent and often way over.

If Young becomes a catch-and-shoot option on the Spurs, he could excel at it. I’m not a basketball coach, but the Spurs could have the most unstoppable offensive scheme in the league. Young could set a screen for Murray who then drives to the hoop as Young peels off to the top of the arc.

If Murray can, he scores himself. If the rim protector meets Murray, then he can dish to Poeltl for an easy slam. If somehow both of those options fail, Murray can kick it out to Young. If Young misses the open three, then Poeltl and Murray are both down low for a putback bucket.

Again, I’m not an NBA coach, but I could see that working over and over.