San Antonio Spurs: 2021 NBA Draft Big Board 2.0

Scottie Barnes - North Carolina v Florida State
Scottie Barnes - North Carolina v Florida State / Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images
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San Antonio Spurs NBA Draft Big Board: Players 2 and 1

San Antonio Spurs
Evan Mobley - USC v Gonzaga / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

2. Evan Mobley - Center, USC

Evan Mobley proved that he's ready for the next level during his time with USC. He's one of the most fundamentally sound and skilled players on both ends of the floor in the entire NCAA, and he did it as a seven-footer. He's already an elite defender, particularly at the rim, and has the agility necessary to defend smaller guards and wings on closeouts and when defending the ball-handler. He also happens to be one of the best facilitating big men in his class and a crafty scorer around the bucket.

To reach his full potential, Mobley will need to continue developing his jump shot and he'll need to fill out his frame. While he's a versatile defender, he's going to have a lot of trouble defending more physical bigs like Joel Embiid and Anthony Davis at first, regardless of how instinctual he is on that side of the floor. Give him a few years of seasoning, though, and he could be a reincarnated Chris Bosh.

San Antonio Spurs
Cade Cunningham - Oregon State v Oklahoma State / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

1. Cade Cunningham - Point Forward, Oklahoma State

Based on Cade Cunningham's sheer versatility alone, I would seriously question any front office that would pass him up with the number one pick unless there are some serious issues with his intangibles that we aren't aware of. He can do just about everything on both sides of the floor and is still easily the top pick of the draft in my mind.

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Cunningham took an Oklahoma State Cowboys team that probably should not have been very good to play Texas in the Big 12 Championship game and then to the NCAA Tournament. He was one of the most impactful players in the NCAA on both sides of the floor and very well could turn out to be a superstar in the league. If I were forced to pick one player in the entire draft class that has the "it" factor, it's Cunningham and it isn't all that close.