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San Antonio Spurs: 2021 NBA Draft Lottery Mock Draft 1.0

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San Antonio Spurs Mock Draft 1.0: Picks 11 and 12

. Kai Jones. Texas. 11. player. . Stretch Big. 170

With the 11th overall pick in the draft, if I am the Charlotte Hornets' front office, I am swinging for the fences with this pick. I'm looking for a young player with a high ceiling that would complement the likes of LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges and help to fill some of the team's needs. In my mind, Kai Jones would be the perfect pick for them at this spot.

The big man out of Texas is very long and athletic, albeit pretty raw, and has potential as a shooting stretch big and as a rim protector, both of which are definitely needed on the Hornets. While Jones will likely take a few years to develop into anything close to his final form, he should be able to come into the league as a rim runner and serviceable shot-blocker on defense. Pairing him with players like Ball and Bridges could be a terrifying combination for other teams when having to defend their transition offense.

. Usman Garuba. 12. player. . Power Forward. Real Madrid. 29

Finally, we've made it to the Spurs pick at number 12 overall. With the 12th overall pick, the Spurs select Usman Garuba out of Real Madrid. I've already talked about how Garuba could be a total game-changer for the Spurs, and I think my feelings about him then still hold true now.

I firmly believe that Garuba could turn out to be the best defender in his draft class and that he could be in immediate contention for the best defender on the Spurs, even over guys like Dejounte Murray. Garuba has a strong, NBA-ready body, is quick on his feet, and can defend both near the rim and on the perimeter. In my opinion, though, his offense is not given quite enough credit, especially for the level of competition he's played against in Europe for the past few years now. I'm a believer in his two-way potential and think he would be a fantastic value pick at 12.