San Antonio Spurs: 2021 NBA Draft Lottery Mock Draft 1.0

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San Antonio Spurs Mock Draft 1.0: Picks 5 and 6

. Wing. 5. . G-League Ignite. Jonathan Kuminga. player. 38

The Orlando Magic had the second-worst record in the Eastern Conference and were hopefuls to have a top-four pick but, unfortunately for them, they fell to the fifth spot. Being that they also have Chicago's eighth overall pick from the Vucevic trade earlier this season, I will be looking for the Magic to trade up to Cleveland's third overall pick.

That being said, if they were to keep the fifth overall pick, if I were the Magic's front office, I would still be looking for the best player available. In my mind, Jonathan Kuminga is the best player available at this spot due to his potential to mold into an athletic 3-and-D wing with shot creation upside in the same vein as someone like Paul George. The Magic don't have much to lose at the moment, so I'd be happy with this gamble for them.

. Florida State. Scottie Barnes. 6. 149. . Point Forward. player

With the sixth overall pick in the draft, Sam Presti and the Oklahoma City Thunder pick Scottie Barnes out of Florida State University. While the Thunder are certainly in need of shooting, Barnes will likely be tough to pass up at this spot.

Barnes is one of the best and most versatile defenders in his class, and that on its own should be very valuable in the modern NBA. His fantastic defensive instincts, his ability to pass the ball well, and his mediocre shooting have garnered him Draymond Green comparisons for good reason. If the point forward's defense and passing translate to the NBA, he should already be a very serviceable role player. That said, if his shot begins falling too, he could quickly become one of the best players in his class.