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1-Sentence reviews of 20 draft prospects mocked to Spurs

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For the past three years, the offseason has been longer than San Antonio Spurs fans are used to. While that's obviously not preferred, it has given us more time to sift through NBA Draft prospects than we might've had in the past.

That heavy research will certainly be necessary for the Spurs' front office this June, as the team will be armed with four picks to use in a class full of star prospects and breakout candidates. But let's face it -- many fans don't have the time to fully dissect each and every possible pick for the Spurs as draft day gets closer.

To help you all out a bit, I went through to find guys frequently mocked to the Spurs at each of their upcoming positions in the NBA Draft: 9th, 20th, 25th, and 38th. Outlets like ESPN, The Ringer, SB Nation, and several others have picked these guys as fits to San Antonio at some point. Others were taken from our own past mock drafts, which you can find here on our draft page.

For your quick digestion, here's a bite-sized review of 20 different prospects the Spurs have been mentioned with over the past few weeks, in alphabetical order.

San Antonio Spurs
Patrick Baldwin Jr / James Gilbert/GettyImages

1. Patrick Baldwin Jr.

An enigmatic shot-making big with promise whose questionable college decision and performance turned off many NBA teams.

2. MarJon Beauchamp

An impressive on-ball defending guard who helps on the glass a la Dejounte Murray but has a similarly unimpressive 3-point shot.

3. Kendall Brown

A freak athlete that can punish inside with elite finishing, but his confidence to take open jumpers needs to improve, especially since he's shown the ability to knock them down.

4. Kennedy Chandler

A pesky, ball-pressuring guard that plays within himself well but might not have the size and outside shooting teams like the Spurs need.

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Mario Chalmers, Lance Stephenson, Dyson Daniels / Joe Buglewicz/GettyImages

5. Dyson Daniels

A highly-intelligent baller that thrives as a passer at every level but comes with some concerns about his shot form and 3-point shooting.