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San Antonio Spurs: 100 NBA Draft Lottery simulations for the hopeful fan

Evan Mobley
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San Antonio Spurs
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The Simulation results for the San Antonio Spurs

In running Tankathon's Mock Draft Simulator 100 times, the results were about as expected, but there were some interesting moments within the selections. Before jumping into those, here's how everything broke down individually.

Pick 12: 87 times - Moses Moody (62), James Bouknight (22), Alperen Sengun (3)
Pick 2: 4 times - Evan Mobley
Pick 3: 3 times - Jalen Suggs
Pick 4: 3 times - Jalen Green
Pick 13: 2 times - James Bouknight
Pick 1: 1 time - Cade Cunningham

San Antonio is projected to have an 85.2 percent chance at selecting 12th, which held up in my simulation (87%). They also have a 6.6 percent chance of dropping to 13th but only landed there 2 percent of the time for me.

When comparing to actual odds of landing in the top four, the Spurs actually outperformed their chances. San Antonio has a 2.4 percent chance of rising to fourth but won that pick 3 percent of the times I ran the simulation.

The Spurs also have a 2.1 chance to get pick three, which rounded up to three in my runs. The biggest jump San Antonio made was when they doubled their expected 1.9 percent shot at drafting second and taking Evan Mobley.

As expected, the Spurs only moved up to first once, which happened the 29th time I ran the simulation. They also only dropped to 13th twice instead of the projected six times.

Let's jump into some analysis and projections based on these results.