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San Antonio Spurs: 100 NBA Draft Lottery simulations for the hopeful fan

Evan Mobley
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The San Antonio Spurs are less than one week away from learning where they'll be picking in the 2021 NBA Draft Lottery. The lottery has been gracious to the Spurs in the past, most notably when they leapfrogged Vancouver and Boston for a franchise-altering number-one selection of Tim Duncan in 1997.

The odds are much slimmer than they were 24 years ago, but there's still a tiny chance San Antonio can move up again and land in the top four of one of the most stacked NBA Draft classes in recent memory.

Per, the Spurs can end up selecting anywhere from first through fourth or 12th through 14th. Their exact odds are as follows:

12th: 85.2%
13th: 6.6%
4th: 2.4%
3rd: 2.1%
2nd: 1.9%
1st: 1.7%
14th: 0.1%

While the Spurs lost a previous coinflip with the Charlotte Hornets for better positioning, it affected their chances at a top-four pick by only one-tenth of a percent across the board. What it did mean, however, was that the Hornets will select one spot before the Spurs if all odds hold as expected.

The teams with the best odds for selecting first overall are the Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons, and Orlando Magic, who all go into the lottery with a 14 percent shot at Cade Cunningham.

While the Spurs should be able to find someone who can help right away even at 12th, Spurs fans everywhere are hoping for another miracle that could translate to another franchise-level talent. With that in mind, I decided to have some fun with the roll of the dice that is the NBA Draft Lottery.

Using's Mock Draft feature that lets you simulate the lottery in seconds, I ran 100 iterations and logged all results to get my own odds of what may happen. Will this affect anything whatsover? Of course not, but it's fun nonetheless. On with the mocking!