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Ranking the Spurs roster by sharpshooting ability

Oscar Barkis
Malaki Branham, San Antonio Spurs
Malaki Branham, San Antonio Spurs / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages
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#3: Keldon Johnson - 83

Given Keldon’s success shooting the ball throughout last season, one could argue that this ranking shorts KJ quite a bit. Mostly a standstill shooter who seemed to have to think about his release a lot last season, I’m excited to see how his shot profile develops this year. 

#2: Josh Richardson - 85

Josh Richardson will probably ends the season gunning for the playoffs on another team. However, maybe more than Doug McDermott, the young guys seem to really connect with J-Rich. If there’s one veteran the Spurs hold onto, I wouldn’t be shocked to see that it’s Richardson (even though San Antonio most likely fetches more out of Josh in a trade).

#1: Doug McDermott - 86

We all know what Doug McDermott is. On the Spurs, he appears to be a good veteran presence and adds much-needed scoring ability while looking mostly overmatched on defense. On a contender, he might be able to add more value as a bench sharpshooter.

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