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Ranking the Spurs roster by sharpshooting ability

Oscar Barkis
Malaki Branham, San Antonio Spurs
Malaki Branham, San Antonio Spurs / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages
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Like many 16-30 year olds around the country, I have been grinding NBA 2K23 since it came out. However, unlike most of my fellow Gen Zers/young millennials running the game, playing with my favorite team is a uniquely challenging experience. That favorite team, as you may have guessed when you opened the site, is the San Antonio Spurs— the worst-rated team in the game this year, at76 overall.

When I play 2K, my preferred method of offense is built around fast break points and drive and kicks to shooters at the three-point line. The Spurs are actually decent at the former, but it feels nearly impossible to get successful shots from beyond the arc. That is reflected in the team’s “outside” scoring rating (78), which places them tied for second worst in the league. 

Air Alamo’s Reign Amurao published an article about some botched 2K ratings for Spurs' players last month (linked earlier); in this piece I will add to that by diving into the three-point ratings of players donning silver & black.

Note: to give some perspective on shooting attributes in the game, among current players Steph Curry has the highest three point rating (99) by a longshot, followed up by a four way tie for second at 88 overall (KD, Bane, Kennard, Klay).

Top 5 Spurs in Overall 3 Point Ability (According to 2K):

Tie for #4: Malaki Branham and Devin Vassell - 80

More than any of the other rankings (maybe with the exception of Keldon), I wouldn’t be surprised to see the next these two players’ shooting ratings skyrocket this season. Though he hasn’t necessarily shot well to start the preseason (2-13 from three), Devin Vassell’s form is very pure and he should have the green light to shoot for the entire year.

Every time I write about Malaki Branham, I make sure to convey as clearly as possible that he has three-level scoring capability from the moment he steps onto an NBA court. He is considered by many to be the steal of the draft for a reason, and I have written that depending on how much time he spends in Austin, his shooting gives him All-Rookie team potential.