Ranking the Spurs' 3 Biggest Offseason Needs

Bradley Beal, Dejounte Murray, Jakob Poeltl
Bradley Beal, Dejounte Murray, Jakob Poeltl / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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1. A Versatile, switchable frontcourt player

In a perfect world, the Spurs are able to address numbers two and one on this list with one player. In that scenario, they'd find a versatile, switchable big that ultimately ends up being an All-Star-caliber player and pairs perfectly with Murray. These last two options could've been switched, but I think a game-changing big, even if he's not star quality right away, makes these Spurs a playoff team.

While Phoenix's Deandre Ayton is probably number one on my list to fill this void, it would take several unexpected turns of events for that to happen. Charlotte's Miles Bridges is another name that's been thrown around as a fit for this role, but factoring in his 6-6 frame and likely huge upcoming payday, I'm not convinced he's the answer here either.

The most likely way the Spurs can get their power forward of the future is if they get lucky in May 17th's NBA Draft Lottery. As I broke down further earlier this week, the Spurs have roughly a one-in-five shot of propelling to the top four.

To get someone like Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero, or Jabari Smith, San Antonio would likely have to find themselves in the top three, which has a 14.5% chance of happening. I'm not the overly optimistic type, so I'm not counting on that happening.

Still, if the Spurs end up where they're expected to and have to select 9th or 10th, there will still be options that could end up filling their hole at the forward position, even if they aren't day-one impact guys.

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Iowa's Keegan Murray could be someone that falls to San Antonio depending on how things shake up at the NBA Draft Combine. Duke's Mark Williams could be another. The good thing is the front office has several avenues to address their biggest need, and that's very encouraging news.