Ranking the Spurs' 3 Biggest Needs for the Trade Deadline

Bryn Forbes, Dejounte Murray
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San Antonio Spurs
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2. The Spurs need a power forward who can go forward powerfully

Credit to fellow Air Alamo writer Nic Yarbro for this clever and accurate headline. The Spurs haven't really had a powerful, athletic, young big in their frontcourt for a long time, and that's starting to hurt them. The things an eager, bouncy big man can do well, like finish lobs, defend the paint, and keep opponents off their own glass, are all things San Antonio has been severely lacking all season.

The player on the roster closest to fitting this description is Drew Eubanks, but he's undersized and appears to have gone backwards when it comes to playing mistake-free basketball. Someone closer to 6-11 or 7 feet can better protect the rim either alongside Jakob Poeltl or as his replacement when he needs a breather.

Perhaps the return of the 6-11 Zach Collins can be the answer the Spurs are looking for with this need when he returns in the next few weeks. He's not the type of player to back down and has gotten into his fair share of skirmishes in the NBA with his hard-nosed play.

As far as seeking talent elsewhere, Sacramento's Marvin Bagley could be a nice, cheap option to take this role.