San Antonio Spurs All-Time Lists

Ranking 5 People who most defined Spurs culture

Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili
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4. David Robinson

A member of the NBA's 75th Anniversary Team, David Robinson is one of the best big men to ever play in the NBA. Being a tremendously talented and skilled basketball player, Robinson did it all. One of the few players to ever record a quadruple-double, Robinson's on-court greatness is overlooked at times -- maybe it's because he did his real winning when Duncan arrived in the league.

Even with the lack of success of his teams during the pre-Duncan era, he never gave up on the Spurs. The Admiral formed a dynamic frontcourt duo with a young Tim Duncan, and he finally got a chance to win a couple of championships. Robinson's humility and willingness to co-exist with Duncan on the court enabled him to capture two titles and solidify his legacy as an NBA legend.

The 10-time All-Star retired after winning his second championship. But even after his retirement, he never forgot about the city of San Antonio. Robinson founded the Carver Academy in 2001 and converted it to a tuition-free school in 2012. Robinson is loved by fans not just because of his on-court greatness but for his generous and unmatched character.

To David Robinson, we salute your leadership, sir!