Ranking 3 Ways Spurs Can Use Final Roster Spot

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1. Sign Devontae Cacok to a full contract

Although he's a bit undersized for what the Spurs need in their frontcourt, I think Devontae Cacok has earned a legitimate shot on the full-time roster.

At the end of last month, I argued why San Antonio might consider calling up the 25-year-old sooner than later. Ultimately, I landed on the Spurs holding off on playing Cacok much with the return of Zach Collins pending.

While I still believe the rotation should stay the same as it is with Collins being the backup center, the new rotation spot is the perfect opportunity for the Spurs to show their faith in Cacok's abilities. Although he hasn't quite cracked an NBA rotation since joining the Lakers in 2019, he's clearly better than a G League player at this point.

As an old school Spurs fan, Cacok's hustle under the basket sort of reminds me of Malik Rose, another 6-7 power forward who excelled in San Antonio and won two titles with them.

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Considering Collins is still not cleared to play on back-to-backs, maybe it's about time San Antonio gives a real shot to Devontae as insurance that could pay off in the future.