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Ranking 3 best ways Spurs should use excessive cap space

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2. The Spurs could save cap space for a big trade 

With a possible trade between the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets looming, the Spurs could be roped into the blockbuster deal. Normally, being the third wheel is a bad thing, but teams with cap space are often included to make big trades work. The Lakers-Nets trade is no different, but it could take longer than most deals normally take to actually happen as the two teams negotiate the specifics.

As long as the deal actually happens, the Spurs likely don't mind how long it'll take because of the reward. While the Spurs would have to take back Russell Westbrook, they could get an unprotected first-round pick in 2029. Acquiring an unprotected or lightly protected pick that’s seven years out is rare. The Spurs are smart to be patient. 

Still, there are a few downsides, one being that Westbrook is owed $47 million next season and they won't be able to absorb his entire contract. So, to help match salaries, valuable veterans like McDermott and/or Richardson would need to be included in the deal. That may seem like a lot to give up for the worst contract in the NBA, even with a future first attached. 

Still, moving two good rotation players could be worth it because the Lakers' front office hasn't made a lot of great moves over the past decade. If they continue to struggle, which seems likely with so few of their own picks, it's possible that their 2029 first ends up being a lottery pick.