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Ranking 3 best ways Spurs should use excessive cap space

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The San Antonio Spurs appear to be gearing up for a full rebuild after trading All-Star Dejounte Murray. That move netted them three picks, a pick swap, and increased their available cap space to $35 million.

However, the Spurs haven't used any of their cap space to sign players thus far. Instead, they seem to be looking for more creative ways to use their available space. Given that the Spurs are just one of three teams that are under the salary cap, the most likely way involves making trades. With that in mind, let's rank the three best ways the Spurs can use their excessive cap space.

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3. The Spurs could roll cap space over into next offseason

With a full roster, the Spurs could simply head into next season without making another trade or signing another player this offseason. That would allow the team to roll over their massive cap space to next summer, which may prove useful if the Spurs don't like their options now. It could also mean that they'll have more money to spend, with around $30 million set to come off the Spurs' books after next season.

Having at least $60 million in space is definitely tempting, but that assumes that the Spurs don't trade Doug McDermott, Jakob Poeltl, or Josh Richardson. Doing so would probably mean taking back additional salary but that could be worth it if it means they receive a first-round pick for each player.

Also, starting next season with all three players could hurt the Spurs' lottery odds in next year's draft. That alone may be reason enough to reconsider the idea. So while there are benefits to rolling their cap space over, it might be better to use it now.