Ranking the 3 Most Important Spurs for a Huge Play-In Win

Jose Alvarado, Dejounte Murray
Jose Alvarado, Dejounte Murray / Sean Gardner/GettyImages
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San Antonio Spurs
Dejounte Murray / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

2. Dejounte Murray

By now, Dejounte Murray has already proven he's going to show up when it matters most for the Spurs. The franchise's freshest All-Star and cornerstone should have his fingerprints all over this one with his all-around game even if he has an off shooting night.

While his consistency is to be expected at this point, he'll still be extremely important in setting the tone for this young, inexperienced team. Most of these guys either haven't been in an NBA postseason game or have limited experience in that regard.

All Dejounte needs to do to be a good leader in a pressure-filled environment is be himself. He's ultra-competitive with a singular goal in mind: to win. His two-way talent will be there, but if he can bring a sense of urgency and passion to the court, his teammates should follow suit.

As Dejounte goes, so do the Spurs, and he'll be the biggest key to them having a chance of making the actual playoffs. But in this particular game, it's his pick and roll partner that will play the most important role.