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Ranking 3 biggest NBA Draft busts in Spurs history

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2. Lonnie Walker IV

I didn't want to add Lonnie Walker IV to the list, my long-time Spurs fan-best friend convinced me that Walker is, in fact, a bust. Looking at his stats over the course of four seasons, he hasn't really done an adequate job in bumping them up. The 18th pick from the 2018 NBA Draft stirred up extreme excitement for Spurs fans when he got selected.

His lone season with the University of Miami caught plenty of attention. Although his numbers weren't that significant statistically, scouts saw immense potential because of his athleticism.

Similar to most Spurs rookies these past years, Walker was assigned to the G League. In his sophomore year, we saw Walker get more minutes and become more involved in the offense. It was a good sign for Spurs fans because we were all excited to see how his athletic style of play would fit into the San Antonio system.

His third and fourth seasons were quite ok, but his efficiencies weren't that great, shooting only 41% FG and 33% from the 3-point area. His defense hasn't improved either, and he often commits unnecessary turnovers.

When the Spurs traded Derrick White this past season, many thought it would give Walker a chance to be a big-time player. However, it showcased his inconsistencies a lot more. There were games where he's shoot lights out, and then in next game, you would think the Monstars took his talents.

All of this has led to many fans wondering if this is the end of the line for Walker in San Antonio.

Walker is still young, and he can still work on his inconsistencies and floor awareness. Now, it's up to the Spurs to decide if they want to let him go or consider giving him the extension.