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Ranking 3 Best ways Spurs can use 25th NBA Draft pick

2022 NBA Draft
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1. Package the pick to move up in the NBA Draft

There has to be a reason Brian Wright acquired all of these picks at the trade deadline, and draft night will reveal that to everyone. There seem to be plenty of teams with their phone lines open to move around in this draft, and the Spurs will likely be making those calls all night long.

My colleague, Cal Durrett, recently proposed three different trades San Antonio could offer to move up at each spot in the draft, including a play for the Sacramento Kings' fourth pick. Given the strength at the top of the 2022 class, I'm not sure that pick should be in play, but if anyone is going to surrender a talent like Jaden Ivey, it would be Sacramento.

A more likely scenario will have the Spurs packing 20 and 25 to possibly move up into the teens for a prospect they have their eyes on that could fall between 9th and 20th. A player like LSU's Tari Eason would fit the bill, as would New Zealand standout Ousmane Dieng.

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In any event, we know the Spurs aren't going to roster all four picks they have at their disposal, so consolidating to two or three selections would suit them best, especially if it means they can get their guys.