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Ranking 3 Best ways Spurs can use 25th NBA Draft pick

2022 NBA Draft
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2. Swing for a high-upside prospect

While it's true the Spurs have been burned by reaching for international talent in recent years, they've also hugely benefitted from doing so in the past. There's a reason so many mock drafts have them swinging on Nikola Jovic even as high as 20th, and that's because they know how to develop raw talent.

Raw is exactly how Jovic can be described right now. He's a menace in the open court and showcases remarkable mobility and athleticism for someone who's 6-10. He also has impressive court vision and shows unselfish passing -- something that's become common among the best overseas players out there.

Where Jovic becomes more of a gamble is when you look at his defense. He's not very disciplined on that end of the floor and can get a bit foul-happy. He offers some shot challenging at the rim, but overall, he wouldn't really be an impact defender by any stretch without some serious drilling down.

Other than Jovic, someone like Jake LaRavia could be a reach that only the Spurs could make work at 25. He's someone that's been mostly considered a second-rounder over the summer but could offer San Antonio their Doug McDermott replacement if they decide to move on.

Still, there's a better way the Spurs can use their final pick of the first round.