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Ranking 3 Best ways Spurs can use 25th NBA Draft pick

2022 NBA Draft
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By the end of the 2022 NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs are likely going to look very different.

Armed with four picks heading into Thursday's event -- numbers nine, 20, 25, and 38 -- GM Brian Wright will undoubtedly have his hands full over the next few weeks as he looks to get this group back to contention.

The sweeping consensus around Spurs' circles is that they won't be selecting all four times due to a limitation of roster spots for 2023. Because of that, we can expect at least a move or two on draft day from them in an effort to consolidate their picks or punt one or more toward a future draft.

In their Derrick White deal, San Antonio acquired a first-round pick from the Boston Celtics that will land at 25th, which could be pivotal in making such moves. Looking at their options, here's how I feel they'd benefit the most with that late first-rounder in particular, ranked from worst to best.

San Antonio Spurs
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3. Use the pick for a safe bet player

Theoretically, the Spurs will have already selected twice in the NBA Draft by the time they get to their 25th pick. I imagine their first selection will be the player they feel is the best available talent that fits their culture and work ethic standards -- regardless of position.

When San Antonio gets to 20, they'd be wise to find a serviceable big that can be molded into a starting-level guy with some polishing. That is, of course, if they don't already have plans to upgrade their frontcourt by other means.

As they get to number 25, the Spurs might as well swing for the fences and not opt for a safe option that might not have a very high ceiling. After all, they can afford to gamble with so many picks, and the obvious need for their next star is still evident.

This brings me to the second-best way San Antonio can utilize this pick.