Predicting Where All Spurs' 2022 NBA Draft Picks Will Land

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4. The Los Angeles Lakers' 2nd Round Pick

The Los Angeles Lakers have been wildly disappointing this season, and that benefits the Spurs considering they own their 2nd round pick. Los Angeles is just 28-37 this season, barely better than the rebuilding Spurs, which increases the value of their pick.

San Antonio could use that pick to take a chance on an intriguing young prospect or a senior -- whomever they feel has a shot at being an NBA player. Or they could bundle it with another asset to move up. One option would be Josh Richardson, who's good enough to get a team selecting in the 20s to consider trading back to acquire him. In that scenario, San Antonio would have four 1st round picks in this year's draft.

As far as where the pick will land, exactly, L.A. has the toughest remaining schedule and seems too dysfunctional to go on a run. Additionally, the Pelicans are just behind them in terms of record and likely to jump them in the standings. Los Angeles' pick could be even better than it's currently projected.

Prediction: 40th pick

Ultimately, the Spurs should end up with the 8th, 15th, 21st, and 40th pick. Armed with those assets, San Antonio can go in a number of directions. They could stay at eight and select a plug-and-play player such as Keegan Murray, who could start next season for the Spurs. Or they could combine the 8th pick with 15 and 4 to move up in the lottery while also holding on to the 21st pick.

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Then there's the Godfather offer of all four picks for the 1st or 2nd overall pick. That's an incredibly bold move, but if it gets them another star to pair alongside Dejounte Murray, then it would well be worth it. It's presumably the main reason San Antonio acquired additional picks in the first place.