Predicting Where All Spurs' 2022 NBA Draft Picks Will Land

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San Antonio Spurs
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2. The Toronto Raptors' 1st Round Pick

San Antonio acquired the Raptors' 1st round pick in the deal that sent Thaddeus Young to Toronto. That trade looks even better now, especially since Toronto has cooled off some. That bodes well for the Spurs, who are all but guaranteed to end up with another great selection in this year's draft.

Teams like the LA Clippers and Brooklyn Nets are right behind the Raptors, threatening to overtake them. The Nets, in particular, have the 4th-easiest remaining schedule while Toronto has the 10th toughest. Based on that, Toronto probably isn't moving up in the standings and may actually backslide.

As long as the pick doesn't fall into the top 14, the Spurs will receive it from the Raptors this summer.

Prediction: 15th pick

San Antonio Spurs
Derrick White / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

3. The Boston Celtics' 1st Round Pick

The Celtics have played much better since trading for former Spur Derrick White, and that has lessened the value of their pick a bit. In fact, the Celtics are two games back of the Utah Jazz in the league standings, meaning that Boston's pick could end up being as low as 26th overall.

Obviously, that would be bad, particularly if San Antonio wants to trade up in the lottery. Fortunately, the Celtics are projected to finish with the 9th-best record, which would mean they'd get the 21st pick. All things considered, that's not nearly as bad as it could be and would preserve San Antonio's ability to trade up if they wanted to. 

Prediction: 21st pick

Up next, let's look at the pick from Los Angeles that's getting better by the day.