Predicting Where All Spurs' 2022 NBA Draft Picks Will Land

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With a month left in the NBA season, the playoff picture is becoming clearer, as is the NBA Draft Lottery. The San Antonio Spurs have a lot invested in both races, considering they have four picks, including a pick from Toronto, Boston, and the L.A. Lakers. Currently, the Spurs are projected to pick 7th overall while the Raptors, Celtics, and Lakers are projected to pick 17th, 20th, and 41st overall, respectively.

However, a lot can change in the final four weeks of the season with teams trying to outmaneuver one another. That can make it difficult to predict where the Spurs will ultimately select in the 2022 NBA Draft. That said, let's attempt to do just that and project each of the Spurs' picks.

San Antonio Spurs
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1. The San Antonio Spurs' 1st Round Pick

The Spurs find themselves 16 games under .500 and have some decisions to make. San Antonio is technically still in the play-in race, being two games back of the Pelicans for 10th in the Western Conference. San Antonio can theoretically still catch New Orleans, but the Pels have the 5th-easiest schedule left. Plus, battling for 10th place seems almost pointless.

The team won't actively tank, but the coaching staff and front office will have to weigh the value of continuing to play their young core big minutes. That could mean San Antonio decides to rest Dejounte Murray, Keldon Johnson, and Jakob Poeltl for a few games down the stretch and seek to limit their minutes when they do play.

In addition to limiting the risk of injuries, San Antonio would likely preserve their place in the draft lottery. That's incredibly important because finishing with the 7th-worst record gives them a nearly one-in-three chance of their pick ending up in the top four.

If that happens, then it would negate the need for the Spurs to package their three firsts to move up in the lottery. Instead, they could pair their two other firsts together to try to acquire another lottery pick. That's obviously the best-case scenario, but, more likely, the Spurs will end up selecting 8th with Portland passing them up.

Prediction: 8th pick