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Predicting the Spurs' top 3 leading scorers for 2022-23

Devin Vassell
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Devin Vassell / Tim Heitman/GettyImages

2. Devin Vassell

Devin Vassell took a big leap last season in offensive production, especially after being named the starting shooting guard. He has added a lot to his bag, including the ability to pull up off the dribble, which is lethal when you factor in that he is also a catch-and-shoot threat. 

Vassell is a 35% shooter from deep, although now that Keldon Johnson is a bonafide threat from deep, I think Vassell will get more open looks than he has in seasons past. With that, I expect his efficiency to skyrocket. I actually do not think he will get more shots up than he did last year, but I fully expect him to make more than he did.

In addition to a hopefully improved 3-point shot, he looks absolutely jacked. That should mean he can get to the rim much easier to score at will. This is a new skill for him, so he could kick out to Primo or Johnson after penetrating the paint, but if he goes up with it, expect an emphatic two points to be added to the scoreboard almost every time. 

His scoring also depends a lot on who plays point guard. When Tre Jones is out there, expect Vassell to be taking more shots than anyone. Jones loves to give up the ball, and Vassell is remarkable at getting open anywhere around the arc or closer to the hoop.

If Primo is the primary ball-handler, I wouldn’t be surprised or upset if he ends up taking a lot of shots himself, which would be refreshing to see. Hopefully Primo is able to be a scoring threat and facilitator, but there is a learning curve, and it may affect Vassell.