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Predicting the Spurs' roster season awards for 2022-23

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Spurs' MVP - Keldon Johnson

Keldon Johnson was arguably the second-best Spur last season, tied with Jakob Poeltl. Now that he’s “the man” on the roster, I think he can solidify himself as the best player on the roster and one of the best young players in the league.

His 3-point shot exploded last year, and if that wasn’t a fluke, the league is in trouble. He still can put his head down and drive to the hoop, but now defenders need to close out on him because he is legitimately one of the best shooters in the league. Add that to 220 pounds of muscle, and he’s a scary presence out there. 

Last year, Johnson showed that when he drives, he isn’t blind. In years past, he would look down and race to the rack. Now, he’s looking for the open man. That could be Vassell, Richardson, Primo, or Collins. Each year, he’s added a new talent. Last year, it was his shooting. This year, I think it will be his passing.

I’m fairly certain that someone on this roster needs to average 20 points at least, and Johnson is the man for the job. We all hope that Primo can become a three-level scorer, but Johnson already is. Devin Vassell could break out and steal this crown, but going into the season, I suspect Johnson is the better player and will remain at the top. 

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Will Johnson be in consideration for the NBA MVP award this year? Absolutely not. I doubt he ever will be at any point in his career. In fact, by 2023-24, I hope that Primo, Sochan, or Victor Wembanyama (fingers crossed) will be the frontrunners for the team award. This season, we have Keldon Johnson, and he is by no means a bad option.