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Predicting the Spurs' roster season awards for 2022-23

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Spurs' Rookie of the Year - Jeremy Sochan

Jeremy Sochan was perhaps the most complete player on the fourth-best college team last season. As a freshman, his scoring numbers were not elite, but there is almost nothing he can’t do on the floor. 

Even though he was not a starter for Baylor, I really hope he gets to start on this emerging Spurs team. He brings speed, athleticism, and talent to a team that has been labeled “boring” since I was just a sparkle in my parents’ eye. Out of all the rookies, he will certainly get the most playing time, which should lock him in as the nominee for this internal award. 

He is the Spurs’ highest draft pick since 1997 and maybe the rare rookie in Spurs’ history to be named a day-one starter. Call that wishful thinking, but the blueprint is there and no one else should even come close, although I hope they try.