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Predicting the Spurs' roster season awards for 2022-23

Luka Doncic, Joshua Primo
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Spurs' Sixth Man - Zach Collins or Josh Primo

If Josh Primo does indeed crack the starting lineup as a point guard or wing, of course, he is ineligible to win this award. That should go without saying. However, we don’t know where Primo will be in the depth chart, so it’s too early to tell.

Collins is in the running for all the reasons listed above. I suspect Poeltl will be the starting center, although Collins will pair nicely with Sochan, so there’s no reason for him to not get the most minutes off the bench. This may be a surprise to fans, as Collins was largely forgotten about, it seems.

Primo is my frontrunner to win the award. I think the starting lineup will and should be Tre Jones, Vassell, Johnson, Sochan, and Poeltl. Primo will be the floor general of the second unit, dishing dimes to Collins, Sochan, Richardson, and the other young players who should get plenty of minutes.

Next season, he should elevate himself to be an elite scorer who can hit shots and drive through the lane over bigs. His size gives him a massive advantage on defense and an edge on the boards. Hopefully, he can become a Ben Simmons-level playmaker with his floor vision, although that may be wishful thinking this early in his career.

If Primo doesn’t start, he should be the offense on the second unit. He can defend four positions, and depending on his growth, should be able to guard small-ball centers. I wouldn’t be upset if he starts, but if he comes off the bench, he should own that second unit and be the best player on the court.