Predicting New Homes for 3 Expendable Spurs

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2. Devontae Cacok Should Move On, Maybe Overseas?

Devontae Cacok has absolutely balled out in Austin but has been given minimal time with the NBA roster to show what he can do. He seems to be an inside-out power forward who can run a fast break and power his way to the rim while also being an elite rebounder, but the Spurs have just never given him a chance.

Cacok will be a restricted free agent this summer, and there is no indication the Spurs desperately want to bring him back. He is currently making $364,000 for his services, but I suspect he can finagle his way to a seven-digit “prove it” contract with a team that’s willing to take a flyer to push themselves over the top. Any contender with any amount of money to spend would probably benefit from adding the depth to their roster.

I would like to see Cacok continue to play for the Spurs, but only if it’s in San Antonio. He’s proven that he’s simply too good to stay in the G League, and if he isn’t good enough to be in the NBA or doesn’t fit on the Spurs, he should look for a team that would give him minutes and money.

Perhaps that team isn’t even in America. Euro League salaries range from half a million to four million dollars, so even if it means letting go of his NBA dreams, it might be the practical thing for him to do. That’s asking a lot from a young athlete, so hopefully, he gets a fair offer from another NBA team.

He should reject any two-way offers he gets, as he has already proven himself at that level and needs to take the next step.