Predicting minutes for 3 Spurs rookies in 2022-23

Blake Wesley
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2. Malaki Branham (20th pick)

Anytime you have a prospect hovering near the 50-40-90 club (50% FG, 40% 3P, 90% FT), you know you might just have a special scorer. Malaki Branham had a 50-41-83 mark in his lone season at Ohio State, and he continued to show some of his three-level scoring in the Summer League.

Drawing comparisons to Khris Middleton throughout the scouting process, Branham is a very interesting offensive prospect, particularly with Lonnie Walker now departed. He has early signs of shot creation, something that will severely be lacking with this year's roster. He also is a great ball-handler and is fairly effective at finishing at the hoop.

Branham may get a lot of time in Austin, but I think once San Antonio realizes how deficient their offense is, they could start giving him more burn to see what he can do. If he can demonstrate some consistency early on while also holding his own on defense, I see no reason he can't average around as many minutes as Josh Primo did last season.

Prediction: 19 minutes per game