Predicting minutes for 3 Spurs rookies in 2022-23

Blake Wesley
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The San Antonio Spurs are going to look very different from what fans have been used to for the majority of this century. While they've had three consecutive losing seasons, none were projected to be as bad as the 2022-23 season is expected to look like for the Silver and Black.

Unless a star suddenly emerges in San Antonio, which is unlikely given how young the roster is, we're probably looking at a sub-30 win season as the team is currently constructed. While that will make some types of fans tune out for the year, the more optimistic crowd still has plenty to look forward to.

One of the silver linings to the upcoming down season should be an increased chance for Spurs fans to see what the newest crew is made of. By opting to draft three players and roster them all, San Antonio made it clear they'll be looking to build up through the draft over the next few seasons -- a strategy that certainly worked in the past.

Everyone is familiar with just how rare it is for Coach Gregg Popovich to give rookies serious minutes in their first season, but that was because his rosters were always full of superstars, stars, and borderline stars. That's not really the case this season.

So with all that said, how much can we expect the new guys to play in San Antonio this year? While nobody has any way of knowing what Coach Pop will do, I can at least take a shot at predicting given what he's done in the past.

3. Blake Wesley (25th pick)

One of the shining stars of the Las Vegas Summer League, Blake Wesley showed off a lot of intriguing skills last month. He had flashes of being a natural scorer, wasn't afraid to take and make huge shots, and even played some point guard duties.

More importantly for a coach like Popovich, Wesley showed some inspired defense, something he's previously said is his top priority. If he remains that committed defensively and it shows on the court, expect Wesley to get a surprising amount of minutes as a late first-round rookie.

SInce he'll probably be playing behind quite a few guards for now, I'll be conservative with my guess, but it's really up to Blake himself to bump this number up, and he appeared capable of doing that in Vegas.

Prediction: 17 minutes per game