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Pass or Pursue: Top 10 NBA Power Forward Free Agents in 2022

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7. Kyle Anderson

Height: 6-9

Age: 28

Another familiar face to Spurs fans, Kyle Anderson was drafted by the Silver and Black 30th overall in 2014. Since leaving the organization in 2018, he's been a crucial role player for the upstart Memphis Grizzlies. In 2020-21, he started all 69 games he played for the team.

Anderson's even-keeled, methodical approach to the game earned him the nickname Slo-Mo, and while his game may not be flashy, he gets the job done. Much like a queen on a chess board, Anderson does a little bit of everything. He has a high basketball IQ and times his movements in a way that frequently confuses defenders.

When he joined Memphis following the 2018 season, he signed a four-year, $37M contract that expires this summer. After his career year in 2021, it's possible he could command north of 10 to 12 million dollars per year on his next deal, depending on whether or not Memphis chooses to re-sign him. For that price, I feel like the Spurs should stay away. They can get better options on this list at comparable prices.

Verdict: Pass